Matt Strabone’s

Matt Strabone’s

The City Treasurer’s job is to protect and grow La Mesa’s funds so that La Mesa can provide important services and assistance to its residents. When the funds are invested wisely and grow well, we get more. When the funds don’t grow enough, we get less. Over the last few years, the return on investment has gotten smaller and smaller, and now the funds are barely growing at all.

You deserve more, and Matt Strabone will use his skills and expertise to make sure that La Mesa is always getting more.

Right now, La Mesa is getting a return of less than one percent on its $60+ million investment. This is unacceptable. Millions of dollars have been squandered. La Mesa has lost opportunities to improve our quality of life and make us safer simply because of financial mismanagement.

As your next City Treasurer, Matt Strabone will work hard to ensure that La Mesa’s money is invested wisely and producing positive returns. He will put an end to the excuses that the funds are “passively managed.” You deserve better.

Despite the climate crisis that has already impacted our lives and the lives of billions worldwide, over the last decade La Mesa has directly invested millions of dollars of your money in fossil fuels and dirty energy. Your money has been bankrolling climate change!

Matt Strabone will not invest a single cent in any fossil fuel or dirty energy companies. La Mesa will no longer fund polluters. The time for action on climate change is now and it is time for La Mesa to lead by example.

Smarter investment policies will ensure that La Mesa’s money is always making money. With Matt Strabone’s help, that extra cash can go towards improving La Mesa’s quality of life—better services, better infrastructure, more help when you need it.

All of this can be done without raising taxes or cutting services. We just need commonsense investing and better money management.

There should be no room for graft or dirty dealing in the personal or professional lives of La Mesa’s elected officials. Your representatives in government should be held to the highest standards of conduct at all times. Matt Strabone is a recognized ethics leader who will bring a new level of integrity as your next City Treasurer.

Matt Strabone has the right experience for the job. He is certified by the California Municipal Treasurers Association, holds the Investment Foundations certification from the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute, and has years of experience providing treasurer services to tax-exempt organizations.

La Mesa’s money—YOUR money—will be in good hands.